Sunday, January 02, 2011

Buddah Hands & Key Limes

I live close to the New Sagaya City Market in Mid-Town Anchorage. I remember when it was a little store on Spenard. I still have the teapot I bought there way back when. Now there are two wonderful full-fledged markets. I figure if I'm going to live in the city I might as well take advantage of all the good things a city offers. (Went to a movie theater the other night and saw the new True Grit.

It was a fantastic remake of the old movie. If you get a chance Go See It!)
Now Buddah Hands are a fruit I'd never seen. I googled them and found out they are edible and how to eat them. They cook up great with fish, chicken and vegetables. They make great tea, marmalades and liqueurs. Best of all they make great natural air fresheners! After reading about them now I want to buy one. They were a little freaky to me when I saw them but being a lemon freak now I have to my hands on a Buddah Hand.
The key limes surprised me. I did not realize they were so small until now. Not much more to say about them except they took a nice bright picture. Oh, and Key Lime pie is good!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fun with Fireworks

Thank-you Anchorage Assembly for allowing fireworks in Anchorage's city limits NYE. The dark winter skies were lit up and it sounded like a war zone around here. Way to bring the New Year in with a BANG Anchorites! I thoroughly enjoyed the free show! Lots of ooo's & aaah's!!