Sunday, October 30, 2005

My pukin' pumpkin

There was a puking pumpkin picture going around the net when I first got online 4 years ago. I had to make one. Then take pics. So here it is in all its glory! Happy Holloween! The FishTaxi loves Halloween. Decided on being Carol Burnett this year. That will work with my cart, mop & bucket, broom etc; since I will be at work Monday night. All staff are encouraged to dress up and give out candy. I think I can really have fun with this. So off to the store to get candy, try to find some crazy socks at the Second Hand store and stop at a friends to borrow a hat. Then we are driving out to 19 mile to a housewarming. Well, actually a cabin warming. My friends have worked on building this huge cabin out of huge logs for over 10 years. I've seen it over the years in progress and can't wait to see it finished. This will be their first winter living in it after their little trailer & wanagan all these years.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the extra hour we got back last night! I am.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cartoon Day


Do not get dressed and do not leave the house. Do laundry, dishes, and little projects like transplanting your indoor plants. Talk on the phone to your friends, update your blog and start drinking cold coffee at 4:20pm.

Try not to do too much. Think about what you are going to be for Halloween. Remember when you won first place for your bag lady costume at KCHU public radio's big Halloween party one year way back when.

Don't forget to tune in here! to the hockey game at 7pm. Other than that have Whole Wheat Radio on all the time.

Thats the order of the day. Cartoon day! yeah!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kathy Quitz

Getting a bit chilly in new Alaska lately. Have to leave for work earlier to warm up my old Chevy truck. Its cold blooded and 15 years old so I baby that baby. Let her warm up for a good 5 minutes before she dies when I take off. So I give her a few more minutes and then shes ready to move. Takes 5 minutes to drive to work. Two stop signs on the direct route. Sometimes I do a flyby pass the Club Bar, the harbor and the brand new ferry dock on the way.

My job is going great guns. They give me free rein and I've got enough to do to keep me busy for 8 hours. I have a reputation of being Kathy Quits to some people. Its true, I've quit quite a few jobs. I have a mind set that if enough things happen on my list of reasons to quit, I quit.

Simple as that. I gave this one (so called good) job a year. I quit on the very day that year anniversary came up. And I'm glad I did. I'm always glad when I quit a crappy job. Never look back. Its ironic as I just found out my former employer has now lost the contract and they are all out of a job. I think it looks better on your resume to quit jobs for better ones than to hang on to a sinking ship.

I looked at my blog tonight at work on DSL. It looked like crap. The layout is different. I didn't like it and I don't know what to do about it. I have been messing with the settings. Any suggestions?

fotonovela by *nmf

Click the picture to read the words. Funnier than shit. And we don't have to be there! hahahha

Love you guys! Looks like your having fun & not killing each other. The place looks gigantic in black & white. Great fotonovela!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My heart goes out to Rose Bard

What a horrible ordeal to go through. Her resillience is remarkable and I want to give Rose Bard a big smile and thank her for being who she is. Not everyone would have survived this horrible accident and she did. A mother who was only thinking of her daughter and her unborn child. Women are strong when they have to be and Rose Bard showed just how strong a woman can be when she has to be.

Just going out and working on those floating processors is commendable. Gone for months, away from your family, in unforseen condtitions. Only the hardy apply in the first place. Her fellow workers who saved her life need to be commended, too. Thats above and beyond the call of duty to keep a clear head to do what had to be done.

If consumers have to pay a higher price for seafood to make fishing safe then so be it. Whatever it takes its well worth it.

And I hope Rose makes a full recovery and goes on to a fuller life, with enough monetary compensation, to never have to work again.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Old Town Talking

In march 1964 a huge earthquake rocked the richter scale and wiped out Old Town Valdez. 33 residents died that Good Friday and most were on the dock and many were children. School was out and the steamship, the Chenega, was in port. The whole dock disappeared and 2 people died on the Chenega from the sudden drop of the contintnental shelf. What was left of the whole town was condemned and moved to a safer site where Valdez still stands to this day. Thats why it looks like a military base instead of old town America.

Now the sewer treatment plant is out there in OldTown along with the Public Radio KCHU towers. Other than that there isn't much else. Unless you think old broken dishes are something worth cleaning up and saving. Nice walk, beautiful sunset and loot to boot!

Wylie Rogers - Seawolves Killer

UAF 2, UAA 1

Consider UAF sophomore goaltender Wylie Rogers the latest Seawolves killer.

The Fairbanks native stopped 23 shots Saturday night to spearhead UAF's 2-1 victory over UAA in Game 1 of the annual Governor's Cup.

Rogers improved to 3-0-1 lifetime against UAA and has surrendered just five goals in those four games.

The only flaw in his performance Saturday was the third-period goal he surrendered to Justin Bourne.

Daily News reporter Doyle Woody can be reached at

Another college hockey game tonight on the ice at Anchorage's Sullivan Arena at 7:05pm AKDT.

Tune in here! or be there! Go Nanooks! And great job in the game last night Wylie!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Listen Live to UAF Hockey

On KSUA internet radio here!.

My daughter, sister and niece are at the Sully rooting the Nanooks on! I'm here in Valdez listening on the internet.

Go Nanooks!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Freedom Charges

Worked my ass off for my first of many 40 hour weeks. That place is gleaming. A student told me since I've been working there the place was sparkling. That made me feel good. They hired a professional. Ha! I never thought I would grow up and be a pro-cleaner. Then I saw how messy the world is. Somebody has to clean it up. This is one of those jobs you get when your 50 years old. At 25 I had one of these kinds of jobs and quit and went to Alaska. I said "I'll do that when I'm 50."

I had to get my picture taken today for an ID card and I kept blinking. I tried not to close my eyes and that made it worse because after 10 flashes we gave up. I'm usually not that bad at flash bulbs going off. I wasn't even stoned. Maybe that would have helped.

Got week-ends off so I'm almost a real person. Going to spend part of it cleaning this rathole. Dishes are piled up and the cats, Halfrack and Little Sistor, knocked over the corner shelf. Unless we had an earthquake, I'm blaming it on the cats.

I got internet access at work. How cool is that? Its DSL, too. Damn, I'm on dial-up at home so now I'll know the difference. I can see a cell phone, DSL and Dish TV in my future. My mom yelled at me in Fairbanks because I didn't have a cell phone. Its time for the FishTaxi to get connected.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Last Days of the Bar Bound

Mid-February, the Bar Bound, is high-centered on a bar stool, in the Fish Taxi's front yard. The bow-picker Bar Bound was given to us and we never did more to it than store it in our front yard. Crazy, I know. But that was cheaper than it being in the water or sitting on dry dock in Valdez boat harbor. Costs you more to have it on dry dock than in a slip. More wooden boats have been burned on the Valdez dry dock than were sunk in the Japanese invasion on Pearl Harbor. Its a crying shame. One of our old boats, the Freebird, was a 38ft landing craft from the Korean War. Leave it to Huntley to have a boat that now sits in a museum somewhere back east. Only because some Korean War buffs were in town and noticed it and got it for dock fees. Otherwise, the City of Valdez, would have burned it up. Pissed me off at the time but now I'm thinking about burning the Bar Bound. Controlled, permitted and what else?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Go Nanooks!

Two Nanook Goalies Named CCHA POWS
Oct 17, 2005, 23:06

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Fairbanks, AK – Two University of Alaska Fairbanks goalies, sophomore Wylie Rogers (Fairbanks, AK/Victoria-BCHL) and freshman Chad Johnson (Calgary, AB/Brooks, AJHL) were recognized by the Central Collegiate Hockey Association, for their performances in the Nanooks victory and tie against the top-ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers over the weekend.

Rogers has been named the CCHA Goaltender of the Week and Johnson is the CCHA Rookie of the Week.

“It’s a clear indication, first of all, that we had team success and a very good weekend,” said UAF Head Coach Tavis MacMillan, “but more importantly it lets us as a team know that we have two obviously very capable goaltenders.”

CCHA Goaltender of the Week - Sophomore goalie Wylie Rogers
Rogers backstopped UAF in Friday night’s 4-3 overtime victory, the biggest upset by a Nanook squad in the programs modern history, making 33 saves, including 13 in the third period.

Following an outstanding rookie campaign that ended on a high note at the CCHA Super Six Championships, when he was recognized to the Super Six All-Tournament Team, Rogers was focused on carrying the momentum from Joe Louis Arena into Mariucci Arena.

“It wasn’t a lot different then the Super Six games,” said Rogers. “We had to be prepared and play like it was our last game. The crowd was so loud and there was great energy and it felt the same as when we were playing at the Joe and that’s why we were successful.”

Rogers, the 2004-05 squads’ most valuable player, had proved himself the number one goalie last season, playing in 31 games, posting three shut-outs to tie Todd Henderson’s single-season record from 1990-91, and being named to the CCHA All-Rookie Team as well.

MacMillan knows that Rogers dedication last season and over the summer are going to continue to pay dividends for him on the ice this season.

“Wylie’s very confident based on how he finished last year and his training over the summer. It’s not only that but he’s a different goaltender. He’s physically stronger and technically he’s better.”

CCHA Rookie of the Week - Freshman goalie Chad Johnson
Johnson made 38 saves and was named the number two star in his college debut for UAF, helping the Nanooks come away with a 3-3 tie against the Golden Gophers on Saturday night.

“Coach called me over during the pre-game skate and told me that I got the start. I didn’t have time to get really nervous. I was just a little bit, but excited too.”

Despite only seeing two shots in the second period of Nanook's exhibition game against the University of Windsor last week, Johnson made several key saves, including a point blank save in the second period by UM's P.J. Atherton and another late in the overtime session to preserve the tie.

“It was awesome how it happened,” said Johnson. “Their player came out of the penalty box and one of our d-men (defensemen) had switched off the ice, so he had a breakaway. I followed his moves, slid over with him and put my pads down and felt it hit.”

MacMillan acknowledged the level of Johnson’s performance but realizes the transition from junior hockey to the college game doesn’t happen in one game.

“It would be premature to put too much pressure on Chad,” said MacMillan. “He’s only played one college hockey game and he’s still obviously got a lot of room to grow, but he was very comparable to (Minnesota’s goalie) Frazee, and he’s a second round NHL draft pick from New Jersey. He’s a very good goaltender.”

“To get Chad that experience in front of 10,000 fans on the road, it was obviously important not only for him but for our program.”

“I’m definitely encouraged because as well as the both of them played there’s still a lot of room for them to grow.”

In addition to Rogers and Johnson, the Nanooks other freshman netminder Brandon Cross (Kamloops, BC/Merritt-BCHL) adds to the depth in goal.

“We feel as comfortable with our goaltending at UAF right now as we ever have,” added MacMillan. “One through three we’re as deep as we’ve ever been.”

The Nanooks return to action next weekend as the team travels to Anchorage to take on the Seawolves for two games as the 2005-06 Governor's Cup Series gets underway. The first game of the series is slated for Saturday, Oct. 22 at 7:05 p.m. at Sullivan Arena.


Wylie Rogers is my nephew so I am partial to the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks Hockey Team! Go Nanooks!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Halfrack & the rabbit

Since everybody likes Halfrack so much I found some more pictures. Don't worry, I have lots.

My job is incredible. I am in shock. I got a pile of paperwork explaining the benefits. Thats a good sign that you've got a good job. Everything is effective immediately. No waiting 90 days, 6 months or a year to pay a $1000 deductable. The best part is I can get Laser Eye Surgery sooner than I thought. Its not covered, but I can get an interest free front from the benefit plan for up to $5000. All I have to do is make the appointment and find out exactly what it will cost. Incredible! The sooner the better. I've been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 16.

My feet are killing me. I wore the wrong shoes. They weren't broke in good enough. Tomorrow I'll wear my ugly money makers. And its Friday! Plus I found out today that there is no school on Friday (college) so I can come in earlier and get off earlier to extend my week-end.

Another cool thing about the job is I work with all guys. None of that crap I get when working with women. Sorry gals, no offence.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Great Day Today!

First off today, the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend checks hit the bank for the 70% of Alaskans with direct deposit. This year it was a grand total of $845.76. woohoo! Not the biggest check yet but not the smallest either. Next year they are supposed to get back up to over a thousand.

Another good thing that happen today: I was offered the position at the college that I was hoping to get. Its full-time with great benefits including education. All I have to pay for is my books! I start tomorrow. This is so much better than my old job. I don't have to drive nearly as far. In fact, next summer I can ride my bike. I'll basically be my own boss and independent with a wide variety of tasks. And room for advancement. I find out tomorrow more about the benefit package & from what I hear it has excellent health & retirement. Which at my age, I don't take that lightly anymore.

Other good news is that my mother is feeling much better after her second heart attack in 5 years. Good enough for her to go home. Its been a rough two weeks for her & us as we thought we were going to lose her. So things are looking up everywhere today.

Hope everything is bright in your world, too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tales of Bou & other sausages

Both female & male caribou have horns. The only way you can tell the difference is to shoot one. After that who cares? Food. And don't forget the bacon bandages. Caribou meat has no nutritional value whatsoever. You could die of starvation if your diet consisted of only caribou meat.

Fry the backstrap, which is like filet migon, and turn the rest into sausage. With some beef suet grinded up with it you've got burger. Pig suet with spices caribou tastes like sausage.

Mighty good.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mussel Beach

Tasty morsels those mussels. Easy pickings at low tide. The beach is covered with them. An adventure in eating. Since the beach isn't tested for Paralyctic Shellfish Poisoning the FishTaxi tests for it herself. I'll eat 3 mussels and if I don't die and/or show signs of PSP in 15 minutes then I figure its okay to eat more. Let it be known that where I live there isn't a problem with Red Tide. Its more of an Alaskan problem in the southeast and not in Prince William Sound. The hard part is waiting the 15 minutes because they are so good. Its fun to take visitors on this food adventure. Most are scared to death but the hardy enjoy foraging the beach and picking the fresh mussels to bring home to cook up with butter & garlic & eat. Little Sistor can't wait either!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday Cookie Baking

This is the picture that was posted with the recipe. (no new digital camera yet) Mine do not look like this. I replaced a 1/4 c of the flour with Hersheys cocoa and I added a 1/2 c of Huntley's cashews. So they are more brown than golden brown. Plus, I used a dark brown sugar. The cookies I made look more earthy. As far as taste & texture goes these cookies are superb!

I was up til 3am this morning reading food blogs. Went all over the world into many kitchens & restaurants. I even went to Food Blog S'cool and checked out the tips at Learning Movable Type.

And I learned how to add Whole Wheat Radio & the Anti-Communitarian League to My links on the side bar!

Oatmeal Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you can't decide what kind of cookie to make, this cookie has it all. The oats, peanut butter and chocolate chip are a chewy and flavorable combination.

Recipe from Allrecipes, Submitted by Anna Lombard

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The FishTaxi LOVES Whole Wheat Radio

From their webpage at :

We're real people. We have an outhouse out back. We don't have a professionally polished webpage, flashy banner ads, overblown self-promotion and lots of glitz. If you came here because you're tired of other webcast's hype and just want to connect with down-to-earth people and great music --- stick around.

We're simple, silly folks with a love of independent music. Consider us a little backwoods cabin (literally) with a bunch of beat up cars parked around the campfire where great music is being played. You'll see a few people dancing, a group over there discussing philosophy, and a romantic couple cuddling under a red blanket with a bottle of wine. Wear your comfortable jeans and the tee-shirt with a rip under the arm. You'll fit right in.

Whole Wheat Radio is an unpretentious, interactive, independent music world community. Our webcast originates from a cramped 12x12 cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska. It's as close to Northern Exposure's funky radio station as you can get. (Yup, there's a moose that hangs around the cabin. And an adorable monkey too.) We broadcast 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year with the help of our tireless DJs - human and otherwise. We've been on-the-air since August of 2002 and have served up well over a million individual 'listens' to independent musicians' tunes.

You can spend as much or as little time poking around the site as you like. You'll discover there is no other webcast quite like Whole Wheat Radio. We play indie music that adults like --- singer-songwriters, folk, blues, jazz, Celtic, world, protest, acoustic and folk-rock music. We're tied into the blogging community and frequently reach out to blogs for things to discuss on-air. We have an irreverent sense of humor and strongly left-leaning political views. We're not 'professional' broadcasters. We frequently get silly and very un-adult-like on-the-air. We call it 'fun'.

We're not a 'canned' station - nor are we always 'live' at the microphones. There's an element of surprise and spontaneity to our live banter. Check the weekly schedule to see when we're guaranteed to be live. 11AM every weekday (Alaska time, 3PM EST) is when we do the infamous and theatrical 'Rant-n-Raving Muffin News'. Jim goes Surfin' On CDBaby every Wednesday at 3PM (7PM EST) and Esther dishes out her Whole Wheat Porridge on Thursdays at 3PM (7PM EST). Live interviews and other special events occur frequently.

Some people like to participate in the chat, set up 'personalities' and spend hundreds of hours in the community. Other people just want to listen to great independent music and real-people DJs having fun on-the-air.

The choice is yours.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the options, all the 'techie stuff' on the community webpages, please don't hesitate to become one of the strong, silent supporters who simply LISTEN. We understand.


Jim & Esther

Whole Wheat Radio
PO Box 872 - H Street
Talkeetna, Alaska 99676

More info on Whole Wheat Radio here: Anchorage Newspaper Article About WWR
Fairbanks Newspaper Article About WWR

Thanks Jim & Esther! I'm sending you a variety of my freshpack Copper River Sockeye Salmon that I homepacked listening to Whole Wheat Radio!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Fun with Pot...Shrimp

Halfrack is crazy about shrimp so the FishTaxi likes to have a little fun with him.

The Pot shrimp the Fishtaxi gets out of PWS are more like prawns. Its a subsistence fishery where each boat is allowed 5 shrimp pots. Shrimp may only be taken April 15th thru Sept. 15th. We are no longer able to fish for tanner crab (marketed as snow crab). Which is sad, the FishTaxi misses it, and hopes ADFG would open it up again each spring. For now, we will settle for the pot shrimp. Its a lot of fun to put out shrimp pots and the next night check them for fresh shrimp for dinner. Then re-bait the pots for the next time. You don't even need a big boat. I've gone out with folks in an open skiff where we pulled them by hand. Well worth the effort.

Its funny because the best bait is canned cat food!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Anti-Communitarian League has an E-Book!

I am proud to announce, on my blog, that my sister & niece have

eBooks for sale!
How to Get Out of the Hegelian Dialectic
by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich

Available for download by November 30, 2005. Please note date extension.
This eBook is about how we dealt with our forced and sudden rude awakening to the communitarian vision for our future. We share how it challenged our very core beliefs and how it forced us to reexamine who we are, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We explain exactly how we identified and overcame our own personal barriers to understanding the plot against our freedom. We explore available ideas for real alternative "community" solutions to this horrendous and monstrous communitarian scam. We also identify some of the solutions and their proponents who we suspect are communitarian change agents. Nordica's art is featured throughout.

We are accepting payments now for pre-orders from our supporters who would like to see us eat over the next two months while we finish this taxing project. The cost is $8.00 for a digital file. It's an additional $4.00 for us to print out a hardcopy and mail it in the USA. We can accept payments through paypal or with personal checks and money orders. For information about how to pre-order your eBook today, email with "ACL e-book" in the subject line.

Niki & Nordica need your support. Their work is very involved and important. Pre-order and help them out if you can. You won't be dissappointed. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Salmon Plane

Salmon Plane

Alaska Airlines Lands World's Largest King Salmon.

This is one really big salmon", said Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski speaking at the unveiling ceremony Sunday of Alaska Airlines' newest aircraft, the "Salmon Thirty Salmon," a Boeing 737 painted in the likeness of an Alaska Wild Salmon.

The "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon," sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, is among the world's most intricately painted commercial airplanes. Complete with shiny scales, a dorsal fin and gills, the livery on the Alaska Airlines 737-400 passenger aircraft is the result of a dedicated team of 30 painters working nearly nonstop for 24 days.

I found this at Boing Boing, where it was noted:

This painting cost half-a-mil and was paid for out of tax dollars.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bug in the Grass

My 1969 surrounded by grass in August in my backyard. I drove a 1971 VW camper bus to Alaska in 1980. After 2 winters, 2 engines and numerous boyfriends whose hands were too big to work in small places, driving and scraping the inside of the windows at the same time, dreaming of a V-8 radiator, I sold the bus in a weak moment.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

To Huntley