Sunday, July 01, 2007

Casting Call for The Alaska Experiment

Ricochet Television, the producers of major network television programming (Supernanny/Fat March) are searching America for daring men and women to take part in a brand new adventure docu-series for an undisclosed high profile cable network.
The television series will be shot on location in Alaska and is about survival in the great outdoors.Producers of the new show are casting pairs and trios for this unique opportunity to swap their current life for an environmental experiment.
Once selected, the cast will be assisted by a wilderness survival expert who will teach them basic skills in building shelter, preparing for the cold, gathering food, and hunting.
America will watch as each team triumphs over the land to achieve personal and team goals.
Do you have what it takes to survive in the unpredictable world of wild Alaska?
To apply click here.


Heidi said...

Are you going to do it? It sounds like a blast. I would apply but would probably starve to death. Think I can pack in my own groceries?

FishTaxi said...

It would be fun but I think we would blow them away.

kij said...

I think to be a good outdoorsman you have to suck up the pain, and gag past the disgust; becuase that's what it takes to survive.

UFO said...

I cannot seem to be able to get t the "apply " page. Can you guys post the URL how to volunteer for the alaska experiment.

dundee said...

i would love the oppurtunity to show my skills on a tv show like this. I am very adventurous and an ex marine, i love a challenge.

diggernmt said...

I live in one of the last frontiers in the USA. Montana is truly beautiful,in wildlife and outdoors.As a sportsman I have endured the harshest weather and coldest conditions. I feel that the Experiment would be a fantastic exercise for me to display my true love for the outdoors.I would apply if it wasn't for me leaving my children and wife behind.

workerbee said...

hello ppl if i could get the info for volunteering for this show it would make my day. im 25 and every year i go out for the week with nothing but the bear necessity into the woods in washingtion state and would like a try in more daring conditions im not a pro but a mere joe that has worked with trial and error. i havent had a survival class to work off but would be willing to give up 3 months to do the show. im a lover of all things nature and feel if man could see how well we all could survive with out the "esenchal" things we have come acustume to having we could take from that a better understanding of what we have to do as a world to save.... well the world

please wright me with any info for the show @

i dont check my email to often im not a real comp. person and dont spend to much time online but i will check this for the next couple of months

Anonymous said...

I would like to speak to someone or get an email on how to apply to be on the show...My fiance and I love the show..Thank you Teresa Tanner RN