Sunday, April 30, 2006

Final Project psd format

Saved in psd format means the layers can be tweaked still. Thank goodness! We have 3 hrs in class Monday night before the Final Project is due.

Sure was fun but I'm glad Photoshop class is almost over with.

After finals this week I go on days 10-7pm! How cool is that? I'll get up at 8am and saunter into work at 10, lunch at 2 and off at 7pm. Perfect hours for the FishTaxi in the summer.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Valdez Fly-In Air Show

Mr. FishTaxi took these photos out at the airport today. Only pics of planes are in the background of John Stellings "new" red truck and Hanks old station wagon.

I stayed home with cramps and worked on Photoshop.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Drive 55

Johns For Rent

When I first drove by these Port-a-Potties I thought the signs read "For Sale". I had to turn around and take a picture.

The guys that used to own this lucrative business were the Leitch Brothers. They sold out and moved to Anchorage years ago. Now Dan the Man rents them out. Sorry folks, not for sale.

Its a miracle I'm blogging tonight. Got home from work and walked Roxy. (She is doing so good. I've been brushing her everyday. She loves the attention and reciprocates by minding well.)

After the walk I made myself a dirty martini and logged on. My 17in Dell flat screen blinked on for a second then went blank! Rebooted and that did not help. I'm frantic at this point. I took Friday off and intended on working on my final Photoshop project at home this weekend. Which is "Design the cover of P-Dub's Fall Schedule".

Right away I called the IT guy who gets off work at 9:30 hoping he would still be up at 11 and he was. I explained my dilemma and he told me to go "back to college" and get another monitor. (I have a key because I'm the one who locks up.) Drop my "on the blink monitor" off and he'll look at it tomorrow. So I did and thank goodness it wasn't my hard drive and the borrowed monitor is working fine. Whew!

I have my design in mind. This will be the first project that we can use our own pictures. And a good incentive is the winner of the best design will get the cover of a 1000 PWSCC fall schedules. I'll post my design. Win or lose. Due Monday LAST CLASS!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Calmy Weather

Mr. FishTaxi gets the credit for this picture of Prince William Sound on Valdez Bay, off of Gold Creek, practicing oil spill disasters.

When the Exxon Valdez hit the chartered rock Bligh Reef (named by Captain Cook after his navigator William Bligh) in the early spring of 1989 the oil never spilled into Valdez Bay. It didn't follow the tanker traffic purple lane to London either.

It was ironic that the super tanker that spilled a 11 million barrels of Alaska crude into Prince William Sound was named the Exxon Valdez. Did you know that the infamous tanker went on to bigger and better things? Renamed the Medditteranean Sea sails the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Never allowed in Prince William Sound again.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Sun Came OUT

Finally! You could just feel everyones spirit rise with the sun after days of snow/rain, rain/snow. I heard more people the last week talk about moving out of here. This past winter wasn't easy with the high cost of heating fuel. Why Valdez doesn't have natural gas piped over from TAPS (Trans-Alaska Pipeline Service) terminus I'll never know. Sure would make life easier, cleaner and less costly for Valdez residents. Electricty went up 50%, too. For our household, just to maintain it, costs an average of $500 a month just in utilities which includes phone/dsl/ cable. Everyone knows the economic effect of the high cost of living falls on the consumer so groceries are sky high. Now they are saying gas should be $4 a gallon by July 1st. Thats $40 for 10 gallons! yikes! The price we pay to live in such a beautiful setting, on some days...other days we wonder what the heck we are doing here.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Foxy Roxy

Wow, its amazing what good batteries can do. I went to Radio Shack and got Lithium batteries. 4 AAs for $14. I'll see how long they last to see if they are worth it. I sure like the picture quality. Course, with a beautiful model like Roxy, how can I miss?

She is laying right next to me. She is so good! I had to leave her home today since she doesn't like my truck. Plus, the weather has been miserable. Snow & cold rain for days. We still went for walks though. More like short spurts. She knows where she lives now and that its dry and warm. Last night when we went to bed and settled in, Little Sistor, creeped out. She layed down next to my head and started purring. I told her just because we have a dog now doesn't mean we don't still love her. She seemed to be fine with that and this morning she walked all around Roxy. The cats went outside when I left for work. They like to hang out in the attic, so thats the only reason I left Roxy home alone on her first day, with the cats. Everyone is adjusting and getting along well. Even Mr. Fishtaxi.

She has a lot of Rocketts' mannerisms. He was part Aussie, you know.

I skipped Photoshop class tonight so I didn't have to go in to work 3 hours early. I turned in Project Four on a CD though. The quiz tonight was standing up in front of the class with your sticker, brochure and poster on the big screen and giving a 3 minute speech how you did it. If you didn't want to give the speech and still got the project in on time, you just got a zero on the quiz, but it wouldn't effect your grade on the project. I opted for not only eating a zero but not listening to everybody else's speeches.

Those 3 hours were better spent with my dog.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meet Roxy!

This is a funny picture of her. I got one blurry pic before my batteries went dead. Had just enough juice to download it. I'll get more tomorrow and get a better picture of her.

She has one blue eye and one brown eye with yellow around it. So when I tried taking the red eye out it worked on the blue eye but not the brown without looking like she had a black eye.

When I picked her up at Debbie's they helped lift her in the truck. Seems Roxy doesn't like jumping in and out of trucks. Got her home and it took me a while to coax her out of the truck but when she did everything was fine. We went for a couple of walks introducing her to the neighborhood and she did her daily duty. She met our cat Halfrack but Lil Sistor is still in hiding. She'll come around eventually.

She was sheding like crazy but I think part of it was nerves. She's calmed down now and is sleeping peacefully on her doggie bed.

Roxy is a beautiful, loving dog! Craigslist rocks!

QFS (Quaint Fishing Summery)

Pot Shrimp opened in PWS April 15.

5 pots to boat by permit.

No limit.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring Freeze

Woke up to about 4 inches of fresh, wet snow. Good day to stay home and work on my PhotoShop final project.

Update on Roxy! Since I wasn't able to get Friday off and go to Wasilla a friend is picking her up for me and will bring her to Valdez Sunday. The owners are having complications and going back and forth to the hospital and can't wait for me to come up next weekend. I don't blame them and when Debbie offered to pick her up on her way back from Anchorage they said that would be fine. They've been keeping her in the garage and the sooner she gets to her new home the better.

I know it will take time for her to adjust (and me, too!) but I'm sure it it is going to work out just fine.

Back to work on my project...due Monday.

Put your glasses on

Putz Prize

Friday, April 21, 2006


photo by Peg Price

Thursday, April 20, 2006


HB 149 fails in the House 21/19.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My New Radio FLYER

Arrived in the mail today all the way from China. The guys tried to surprise me but I walked in the shop when they were putting it together.

We have to weld "pDUB" on it and I'll pull it inside every night so nobody can steal it.

Its that cool!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ice Fish

Photo taken by Ms.M of Fairbanks, Alaska posted on her blog at Check out more of her photos of the ice carving contest. Great job Ms.M and thank-you for letting me steal the ice fish photo!

My long Monday with work & Photoshop is over. Thank goodness. Woke up to no coffee at home to the espresso machine broke down at work. No coffee all day and I was dragging butt. Drinking cold coffee (beer) now. Tastes so good after the coffeeless day I had.

We played around with Photo Imaging and animations tonight. I felt way in over my head. The gal sitting next to me is a college tutor and an artist. I had more fun watching her creations. She's good at it. I'll be happy just to get my final project done and get a passing grade.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beaded Fish Purse

For sale on Anchorage Craigslist.

I check Craigslist every day and the other day a dog found me. I miss having a dog and have been waiting a long time.

Her name is Roxy and she's a 3 year old Australian Sheppard. Her owners are having a new baby any day with a 3yo boy and don't have the time to spend with her so they are giving her away to a good home. Out of all the emails & phone calls they received they picked me! We are going to pick her up when we go to Anchorage to see our new mod home. She's in Wasilla.

I'm so excited! I will take her every where with me. Even to work. She gets along with cats and is beautiful. I'll post a pic when I get back to work. I forgot to forward the pics they sent me home.

I'm making potato salad and we're having big, fat juicy beef steaks for dinner. With a freezer full of moose & venison, beef is a rarity around here. I made biscuits & gravy for brunch with moose sausage. I love cooking on the weekends. HEck, I love weekends!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Full Moon Arising

Edit-Took this picture Thursday night from the parking lot at work at about 11pm. The lower one I photoshopped.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Skill Inventory

Did you know its no longer PC to say "Test on Friday or a pop quiz , etc?"

Saying that just makes a student nervous to where they might fail, just at the thought of a test, let alone a pop quiz.

So now the gentler way of getting your point across and not scaring the students is to say it something like this:

"Close your book, put on your thinking cap and get prepared for a SKILL INVENTORY!" muhahahahha

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Flowers of Spring

The Crocuses were spotted near the front steps of Pdub today!

It was raining/snowing so they were not blooming but still a sight to behold.

I gave the rose bush a huge drink of food & water. Part of my job this summer will be taking care of the plants. Watering, feeding and deadheading. I'll help with the planting too but the city flower lady will be in charge of that.

It will be fun for me to get paid to play outside in the dirt. First though, I have to make it through Thursday, which is my 6 month review on the job. They've been known to fire janitors at 6 months because after that, since its a union job, it is harder to fire. I'm shooting for a raise and shift differential for working nights.

Then I'm buying a modern home.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Salmon Salad

One can of Red Hot Chili Pepper freshpack Copper River Reds (pictured below).

Elbow macaroni, pickles, black olives and Best Foods mayo.

I took a pic of the finished product but it turned out blurry and even Photoshop couldn't help it. My batteries must have been low (it couldn't have been the photographer:) and we already ate it by the time I downloaded the pictures!

We worked on our loan application for the new mod(ern) home this weekend. We have an appt with the bank Tuesday. If all goes well we are going to Anchorage next weekend to walk through it and make an offer.

Saturday, Mr. FishTaxi tried in vain to dig out a pathway to the shed where his beloved motorcycle spends the winter. He managed to get in there and sit on it and start it up! Poor guy, I couldn't help but giggle. Next weekend, baby!

Started 3 flats of Livingstone Daisies today. One for my daughter, one for a friend and one for me. Debated on starting more flowers but with foundation construction going on this summer I decided to wait til fall and plant bulbs. Tulips, irises and trees. With a permanent foundation I'll get back into landscaping. Can't wait!

Have a great week everybody! I think I'm over Daylight Savings Time Sleep Syndrome.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Frankly Scallop, I don't give a clam

[title a lyric from a Pinkard & Bowden fishing song]

Picture is of a halibut carved out of soapstone.

Edit: THe halibut sold for $900.00!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

School Of Salmon

Carved out of bone-->>

I got this picture from

Its an auction site that I like to watch. I'd love to go in person some day. If you happen to be in Anchorage check it out. The prices the art & jewelry go for are incredible. You can bid on whole storage units, palletts of stuff, estate sales to everything under the sun.

You can bid on-line but you have to pay a lot extra for shipping and handling. Makes the deals not so sweet. Be better to go in person and walk out with your treasures.

Its heart-breakingly fun to watch and see what the items sell for. If I remember right this School Of Salmon went for $20.00!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shop Clock

The actual time that I took this picture was 10:45 pm. Nobody has bothered to spring ahead the hands of time yet. And time goes backwards on it. Its the craziest clock I've seen in a while. I'm used to it so I can figure out what time it is unnormally fast. I'm getting younger every day according to the clock at the shop.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sagging Roadside Lodge Business

If you've ever been through Glennallen on the Glenn Highway you've passed this old lodge. Gone are the days of traveling Alaska highways stopping at lodge to lodge. Many reasons like they kept burning down, couldn't afford required by law handicap access renovations and the main reason I believe is cars run better and further these days. No reason to stop if the road is good and you have enough gas to get to the big city. Another reason could be the DUI laws stopped drivers from stopping in for drinks for the road.

Last summer, on our camping/fishing trips to Lake Louise, I noticed somebody had started fixing this old lodge up. The boarded windows were replaced with windows and through the long window on the left you could see a big table with people sitting down for dinner. It looked like the new owners were not fixing it up to open for business but to live in.

It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Million Dollar Baby

Earlier tonight I went to the store and got my Nenana Ice Classic tickets. While I was there I browsed the movie section. Its been a really long time since I've watched a movie. I hardly ever watch TV either. Mr. FishTaxi loves that as he watches his hunting/fishing shows like they are going out of style.

Well, tonight I'm going to catch up with the rest of the world and watch Million Dollar Baby. I also rented Memoirs of a Geisha and March of the Penguins. They are due back on Thursday so thats one a night.

I'll work on my final Photoshop project during the day before work and the weekends. Its a biggie. A poster, a brochure and a logo all pertaining to one fictional Alaska kids Camp. I have 3 weeks to finish it so I thought a movie break would be the great escape I could use right now.

FBI WARNING: All kids be quiet! Its movie time!

~Later that night...Wow! What a great movie! I give it 3 stars. Warning!! Spoiler!!!

I knew it was going to be about boxing but I didn't expect her to die at the end. I wanted her to win a million bucks and buy that diner.

Bummed me out that Frankie never got an answer from his daughter. Left us hanging. Maybe they'll make a sequel.

His daughter's daughter could show up.

That Catholic priest was funny. Leave it to Hollywood.

Morgan Freeman could recite the phonebook and make it interesting. (Stole that line from David Letterman) I loved the Bleach scene! And when Maggie sees his room she genuinely says its nice. The HBO and holey socks comments were too real. Frankie would give him money for socks and he'd go to the track then when he comes to his room he sees he's got HBO. Maggies trip home was surreal. The welfare plight is way too real. Her mother shoving that pen in her mouth made me gag. I was waiting for Frankie to beat them up.

My dad used to put boxing gloves on us kids in the basement when we were fighting. I had longer arms than any of my siblings. So after I got done winning every bout Dad would put his fingers in the gloves and whomp on me. So I learned from early on theres always somebody with longer arms than you.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

College Cache

Cache (pronounced cash) that sits near the entrance to P-Dubs parking lot.

Saturday, April 01, 2006