Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fright Night at the Friedrichs

What a fun Halloween here at my brothers in Boise. I helped my sister-in-law set up her blog! I stole her title since I'm blogging from her computer. Heres her blog at http://river-brat.blogspot.com/2006/10/fright-night-at-friedrichs.html

Everybody went to bed and I'm up for a little while. Listening to Whole Wheat Radio, talking in the WWR Chat Room and blogging.

Speaking of Whole Wheat Radio I've been playing it at my sisters and she is loving Whole Wheat Radio for Grown-ups. Today she said she could see why I listened to it all the time. Now she knows why. Thank-you Whole Wheat Radio for making me feel all grown up. heheh

Theres this cat here named Herman. He's a short haired grey cat who is so funny. He keeps wanting to sit in my lap and when I pick him up he wants to jump down. Then he comes back and acts like he wants me to pick him up. Bats me with his paws. This is going to be a fun night. He knows I miss my Little Sistor kitty cat.

Tomorrow I want to rake some more but I have a dilema. The utility trailer where I put the leaves in is full. It needs to be smashed down. I imagine I could climb in there and smash them down but what if I can't get out? I might have to wait til my Boise Nephew gets home from school and have him jump in there. Can't tell him there might be some dog shit in there or he won't do it.

Here comes the cat...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Still Green

And still nice here in Boise during the day but it is getting cold at night. Talked to Mr. FishTaxi tonight and Valdez has 5 inches of snow. EEK!

Took this picture last week off of the river walk. Theres a bridge going over this creek that has moss covering it. Its pretty but weird.

I've been helping my nephew carve pumpkins. I'm going over there for Halloween and staying for a couple days. My sister is going out of town on business so no sense in hanging here. (Except to blog. I'm picking up wireless here on my laptop.)

So, Yukon, if you read this call me at my brothers when you get close to town. When he gets off work at 5pm we'll come where you are at and show you where the RV park is at. Its in between my brothers and my sisters place is all I know tho I am learning my way around Boise. Not! Drive safe and I can't wait to see you and go on the next leg of this adventure.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Skateboarding & Raking

Spent a beautiful weekend over at my brothers with his family. Friday night he made a seafood feast of dungeness crab, shrimp, oysters and bread for dipping all the juices.

Saturday was 70 degrees! and I raked up leaves. It was therapy for me. I loved it.

Saturday night we had a fire at his pit and roasted hotdogs until the hockey game started. Alaska Nanooks won both Friday & Saturday and we listened to the games on internet radio just like I do at home. Wylie didn't get to play either game. We were dissappointed and hope the coach sees fit to start him again soon.

Thats my Boise nephew skateboarding. He's looking forward to snowboarding this winter. The kid loves going airborne.

Today was sunny but the wind picked up early afternoon and blew more leaves off the trees and into the yard. Oh boy!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Capitol Crime

This is the city. Old world architecture. New world laws.

This is my tuna fish sandwich. Behind it is my sister's flash fried Pacific squid. After a meal like this I like to enjoy a smoke of the legal kind.

I had to smoke on the street away from the outdoor seating or I would have been arrested. Pretty soon, if all the free breathers have there way, I will have to suck up car fumes to get my fix of straight carbon monoxide.

Next thing you know theres going to be a law against farting.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fear of Heights

This is as close as I could get to the edge of the lookout of the Snake River bridge crossing to Twin Falls.

The view was incredible but I was shaking in my shoes barely able to concentrate on taking the pictures.

It was perfectly safe but I only managed to make it to the bottom wrung of these stairs.

The FishTaxi is a BIG CHICKEN!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Idaho Susan's Tree

Update- This is a Crimson Maple Tree in my sisters backyard. Found a gardener today who told me the name of it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Boise River Walk

We can practically walk out my sister's backyard and connect to the 23 mile Boise River Walk. It is a paved two laned walkers paridise. If you click on the picture above you might be able to see the wooden 2x4 steps that lead to the rope swing.

I took this picture off the city of Boise website that says when and how this walk on the greenbelt came about back in the late sixties. Read more about it here: http://www.cityofboise.org/parks/parks_facilities/parks/index.aspx?id=greenbelt

This is one of the many beautiful houses lucky people live in on the Boise River. Can you imagine living there?

I've walked about a 5 mile stretch so far and hope to walk the whole thing before I leave beautiful Boise. It would be lot of fun to bike it. hmmm... I wonder where I could borrow a bike. My feet would appreciate it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hello Boise

Having a great time visiting with my sister, my brother, his wife and my nephew. Thank-you sister Judy for giving me a pass on Alaska Air. It had been too long since I've seen them and able to spend time hanging out. Wish we were all here in Boise!

While in Anchorage Friday night I was able to see the Alaska Nanook hockey on GCI cable tv. My friend and I watched it at her house instead of going to bingo. It was an exciting close game with the UAA Seawolves winning 6-5 in sudden death overtime. Then my friend took me to the airport and I flew all night to Boise. Got here, took a nap, a shower and my sister made a wonderful ham dinner. My brother and his family came over and we listened to the Saturday night hockey game from Fairbanks on internet radio where they tied going into overtime again!

This morning my sister and I took a 3 mile walk on the Boise river. It was sunny and 66 degrees! Then we went over to my brothers for football, baseball, beer and Mary's kickass chili.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goodbye Valdez

I'm on my way to Anchorage then to Boise!

I'll miss my Little Sistor kitty cat, Roxy and of course Mr. FishTaxi.

But I'll be visiting my brother and sister and friends.

I'm taking my laptop and will be taking pictures and blogging.

Come along for the ride!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Whole Wheat Radio Bath

My friends at Whole Wheat Radio are officially moving from the Wheat Hole to the Wheat Palace today. While I was packing JimBob came on and said it could be 2-3 hours or 2-3 days to move all the computers, wires, set it up again and have it work. So if you click on the WHole WHeat Radio link at the right and all you get is the web page that is why.

I'm happy for Jim & Esther. They worked hard all summer revamping an old Alaskan roadhouse. You can go to the webpage and see pictures of all the work they've done on the New Wheat Palace.

Running water! Well, water Esther doesn't have to run and get. I remember when we got an indoor bathroom after using our outhouse, bathing at friends houses and taking birdbaths at home. Life changes overnight. You get to get out of the bath and put on your bathrobe if you want instead of getting dressed right away.

Theres nothing like it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stuart Creek Before and After

This is a shot of how high Stuart Creek was running after the flood.

Look how high the water mark is. A cabin further down was washed away.
This is an older picture of Stuart Creek. You can see the water running way below and the deck of the cabin behind the left tree. Thats how far the water came up!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiekel River Subsides

Looks like theres a Uhaul in front of this dwelling on the Tiekel River.
My friends cabin got water damaged inside and possibly the foundation moved. The generator shack, amongst everything, got tipped over and you can no longer drive to her place without fording the Tiekel River.

Audrey, and her late husband Bill, built this beautiful cabin in the wilderness over many years of hard rewarding work.

There were many cabins lost in the flood. I have more pictures. These 2 came from a friend who works at the utility company and they just did a flyover.

The weather has been cooperating for the cleanup.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Game Night

I'm packing and listening to the Alaska Nanook hockey game live from the Carlson Center in Fairbanks on KSUA internet radio. This is the only time I'm not listening to Whole Wheat Radio . Wylie is goaltending tonight and at the end of the first period the Nanooks are tied 1-1 with the USAF Falcons.

Go Alaska Nanooks!!

Update: Alaska - 8 Air Force - 4

Friday, October 13, 2006

Meet the Captains

The Captains: Curtis Fraser (A), Lucas Burnett (C), T.J. Campbell (A), and Kyle Greentree (A)

Games on now! Tune in here at KSUA 64 KB Stereo (High-Bandwidth) !


Update: Alaska 3 USAF 0

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Richardson Hwy Flood Photos

This is a friends cabin at 57 mile Richardson Hwy. She isn't there and her cabin looks to be fine, considering. It is full of antiques including an old wood cook stove she uses exclusively.

This is the Tonsina River Lodge at 79 mile Richardson. It sits next to Squirrel Creek Campground and at the bottom of steep hill grade of 8%.

This is a pipeline access road that wiped out.

Another picture of the Richardson Hwy at mile post 59.

This is a shot behind the Tonsina River Lodge. Crews are working around the clock to restore and open the Richardson Hwy. Outlook~it could be 2 weeks before the highway reopens.

Photos posted at the Public Information Office website at http://www.dps.state.ak.us/pio/releases/resources/Richardson%20Highway/

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Valdez Flood Pictures

Richardson Hwy Glacier Stream bridge, five miles from Valdez Harbor.

Richardson Hwy in Keystone Canyon.

Richardson Hwy between mp 4-10 on the Lowe (pronounced low) River.

On KVAK radio today they announced that 10 mile residents could return to their homes as the water is residing.

The Richardson Hwy from MilePost 12 to MilePost 79 is still closed.

Everythings fine in the FishTaxi household. Plenty of supplies and only lost electricity for a few minutes yesterday so far. Staying dry except for the few normal roof leaks.

I have not ventured into town but I hear the stores are being bought out. The state added an extra ferry, the M/V Aurora, just to service between Valdez and Whittier.

Pretty exciting around here, I tell yah.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Valdez, No road in or out.

Valdez mayor declares state of emergency

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - by Sean Doogan

Valdez, Alaska - Flooding was not confined to the Seward area today in Alaska. In Valdez, officials have also declared a state of emergency. There, a broken levee and damaged bridges have work crews busy tonight.

The American Red Cross is working overtime as they deal with the effects of a warm, rainy October across Southcentral Alaska.

Flooding is common in areas north of town, and near the trans-Alaska oil pipeline terminal, which is managed by Alyeska Pipeline Services Co. But the biggest damage is being done to area roads, bridges and levees.

Heavy rains and warm temperatures are beginning to take their toll on Valdez as the melt-off and rains have swollen the Lowe River, causing a levee to break. Other area streams and creeks are flooding the town as well.

"About 200 people live in that area [near Lowe River] so those folks have been asked to evacuate and Red Cross volunteers have set up a shelter at the Middle school to provide a safe place for those folks to be," said Kelly Hurd (below left), community relations manager for the American Red Cross of Alaska.

Roadways are taking a beating as well.

"Closed the Richardson Highway in several places, which is our main road our of town … damaged critical bridge in Keystone Canyon just east of the city that could cut off our access for several weeks," said Valdez city manager John Hozey.

The Keystone Canyon bridge was moved off of its support pillars by a few feet today, making the road impassable. Other bridges too have been damaged, leaving Valdez cut off from Alaska’s highway system.

City officials, however, say things are not as bad as they could be. The water, for the most part, is just an inconvenience for now, they said.

"Mostly running through yards, taking out some out buildings … It's washing out some roads, but no significant damage yet," Hozey said.

The inconveniences could keep work crews busy for weeks.

The American Red Cross of Alaska has set up an emergency shelter at the Valdez Middle School, but the Richardson Highway has been closed in several areas between mile 70 and Valdez.

That is, of course, the only road into or out of Valdez.

The Alaska marine ferry system has increased its schedule to get supplies into and out of Valdez and is now planning one arrival and departure a day there. Local air carriers like Era Aviation have increased their flight schedules to accommodate the road closures.

~I'll update with pictures soon. Pictures here http://www.ktuu.com/cms/anmviewer.asp?a=6752&print=yes with this story.

Why did the salmon cross the road?

Photo by ADN

Picture taken in Seward yesterday. It was posted online last night but not today for some reason so I couldn't give credit to the actual photographer.

Areas of roads across the Kenai Peninsula and South Central Alaska are washed-out and impassable, closing parts of both the Richardson and Copper River Highway.

Copper River Highway: from Milepost 13 to End of Road Milepost 48.8 road closed due to a major flood.

Richardson Highway: from Milepost 12 to Milepost 79 road closed, emergency maintenance, route impassable due to a mudslide and because of flooding and due to heavy rain.

Answer: Silver salmon know how to have fun in a flood.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bridge over troubled waters

Late summer view from the bridge.

Todays view from the bridge.

Late summer view looking the other way from the bridge.

Todays view from the bridge.

yup, its STILL raining.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Duck City

We had a reprieve from rain somewhat today!

A friend said she drove up over Thompson Pass, on a 4 hr break from work, and she saw the sun actually shining. By the time she came back down it was raining again in Duck City.

Valdez, a river runs through it.

On the bright side the Alaska Tourism Industry Association is holding their annual convention here this week.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dog Toons

Thanks to the hockey fan who pointed out the first ice meeting of the Nanooks and UAA will be played in Fairbanks NOT Anchorage. SO if I had showed up wearing my blue jersey I'd been at the wrong place wearing the wrong color jersey. How embarrassing.

Changing my plans now...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Wrap up your boats!

Valdez has had rain day after day for weeks now. If you want to work on your boat on dry dock you need to wrap it up in plastic and blow heat into it.
My Alaska Nanooks take on the University of Ontario tonight in another exhibition hockey game on their home ice in Fairbanks. Game starts at 7:05 and can be heard on KSUA 64 KB Stereo (High-Bandwidth) so tune in if you can.

Edited to add: Nanooks 2 - Mustangs -1 NANOOKS WIN!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Go ALASKA NANOOK Wylie Rogers!

From the #1 Alaska Nanook fan in Valdez. Mr. FishTaxi says I'm the only Alaska Nanook fan in Valdez.
Thank-you, Wylie, for getting me all worked up about hockey. I have to admit I never thought I would get like this. But I LOVE THE GAME! I still don't know all the rules and only have listened to the games on the radio but that doesn't stop me from being a fanatic about Division I mens CCHA hockey. I will make it to a game this year. The October 20/21 games against arch rival UAA would be my best bet. On my way to Boise I'll stop in Anchorage and root the Alaska Nanooks on to VICTORY! Love, hockey34aunt