Sunday, October 29, 2006

Skateboarding & Raking

Spent a beautiful weekend over at my brothers with his family. Friday night he made a seafood feast of dungeness crab, shrimp, oysters and bread for dipping all the juices.

Saturday was 70 degrees! and I raked up leaves. It was therapy for me. I loved it.

Saturday night we had a fire at his pit and roasted hotdogs until the hockey game started. Alaska Nanooks won both Friday & Saturday and we listened to the games on internet radio just like I do at home. Wylie didn't get to play either game. We were dissappointed and hope the coach sees fit to start him again soon.

Thats my Boise nephew skateboarding. He's looking forward to snowboarding this winter. The kid loves going airborne.

Today was sunny but the wind picked up early afternoon and blew more leaves off the trees and into the yard. Oh boy!

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