Monday, October 23, 2006

Boise River Walk

We can practically walk out my sister's backyard and connect to the 23 mile Boise River Walk. It is a paved two laned walkers paridise. If you click on the picture above you might be able to see the wooden 2x4 steps that lead to the rope swing.

I took this picture off the city of Boise website that says when and how this walk on the greenbelt came about back in the late sixties. Read more about it here:

This is one of the many beautiful houses lucky people live in on the Boise River. Can you imagine living there?

I've walked about a 5 mile stretch so far and hope to walk the whole thing before I leave beautiful Boise. It would be lot of fun to bike it. hmmm... I wonder where I could borrow a bike. My feet would appreciate it.

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