Saturday, October 14, 2006

Game Night

I'm packing and listening to the Alaska Nanook hockey game live from the Carlson Center in Fairbanks on KSUA internet radio. This is the only time I'm not listening to Whole Wheat Radio . Wylie is goaltending tonight and at the end of the first period the Nanooks are tied 1-1 with the USAF Falcons.

Go Alaska Nanooks!!

Update: Alaska - 8 Air Force - 4


Rance said...

Hello! Rance here...just stopped in to answer your question from the J-Walk Blog about my truck. It's a 1968 Chevy 1/2 ton. I'm it's 3rd owner and have been driving it going on 18 years now. I tore it down and replaced everything about 6 years ago. The color is 1996 Ford Indigo Blue. 10 coats of paint, 3 coats of clear coat. I also drive a couple model T's. A 1927 roadster pick-up and a 1923 Centerdoor Sedan. Also...nice pics on the flooding. No problems here in Sterling! have a nice day!

FishTaxi said...

Hey Rance! Thanks for stopping by and clearing that up for me. (maybe it was the Ford paint that threw me off. hehe)