Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Whole Wheat Radio Bath

My friends at Whole Wheat Radio are officially moving from the Wheat Hole to the Wheat Palace today. While I was packing JimBob came on and said it could be 2-3 hours or 2-3 days to move all the computers, wires, set it up again and have it work. So if you click on the WHole WHeat Radio link at the right and all you get is the web page that is why.

I'm happy for Jim & Esther. They worked hard all summer revamping an old Alaskan roadhouse. You can go to the webpage and see pictures of all the work they've done on the New Wheat Palace.

Running water! Well, water Esther doesn't have to run and get. I remember when we got an indoor bathroom after using our outhouse, bathing at friends houses and taking birdbaths at home. Life changes overnight. You get to get out of the bath and put on your bathrobe if you want instead of getting dressed right away.

Theres nothing like it. Enjoy!

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