Monday, October 30, 2006

Still Green

And still nice here in Boise during the day but it is getting cold at night. Talked to Mr. FishTaxi tonight and Valdez has 5 inches of snow. EEK!

Took this picture last week off of the river walk. Theres a bridge going over this creek that has moss covering it. Its pretty but weird.

I've been helping my nephew carve pumpkins. I'm going over there for Halloween and staying for a couple days. My sister is going out of town on business so no sense in hanging here. (Except to blog. I'm picking up wireless here on my laptop.)

So, Yukon, if you read this call me at my brothers when you get close to town. When he gets off work at 5pm we'll come where you are at and show you where the RV park is at. Its in between my brothers and my sisters place is all I know tho I am learning my way around Boise. Not! Drive safe and I can't wait to see you and go on the next leg of this adventure.

Happy Halloween!

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