Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fright Night at the Friedrichs

What a fun Halloween here at my brothers in Boise. I helped my sister-in-law set up her blog! I stole her title since I'm blogging from her computer. Heres her blog at http://river-brat.blogspot.com/2006/10/fright-night-at-friedrichs.html

Everybody went to bed and I'm up for a little while. Listening to Whole Wheat Radio, talking in the WWR Chat Room and blogging.

Speaking of Whole Wheat Radio I've been playing it at my sisters and she is loving Whole Wheat Radio for Grown-ups. Today she said she could see why I listened to it all the time. Now she knows why. Thank-you Whole Wheat Radio for making me feel all grown up. heheh

Theres this cat here named Herman. He's a short haired grey cat who is so funny. He keeps wanting to sit in my lap and when I pick him up he wants to jump down. Then he comes back and acts like he wants me to pick him up. Bats me with his paws. This is going to be a fun night. He knows I miss my Little Sistor kitty cat.

Tomorrow I want to rake some more but I have a dilema. The utility trailer where I put the leaves in is full. It needs to be smashed down. I imagine I could climb in there and smash them down but what if I can't get out? I might have to wait til my Boise Nephew gets home from school and have him jump in there. Can't tell him there might be some dog shit in there or he won't do it.

Here comes the cat...

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