Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hello Boise

Having a great time visiting with my sister, my brother, his wife and my nephew. Thank-you sister Judy for giving me a pass on Alaska Air. It had been too long since I've seen them and able to spend time hanging out. Wish we were all here in Boise!

While in Anchorage Friday night I was able to see the Alaska Nanook hockey on GCI cable tv. My friend and I watched it at her house instead of going to bingo. It was an exciting close game with the UAA Seawolves winning 6-5 in sudden death overtime. Then my friend took me to the airport and I flew all night to Boise. Got here, took a nap, a shower and my sister made a wonderful ham dinner. My brother and his family came over and we listened to the Saturday night hockey game from Fairbanks on internet radio where they tied going into overtime again!

This morning my sister and I took a 3 mile walk on the Boise river. It was sunny and 66 degrees! Then we went over to my brothers for football, baseball, beer and Mary's kickass chili.



Niki said...

Glad you made it safe and sound sister! Have a great visit, I'm thinking about you! Sure wish I was there too..for the food, of course. take lots of pictures!

K said...

Glad your having fun Kathy, those are beautiful shots you took also. You better enjoy that weather while you can too, it's threatened snow a few times now. Marty saw a few flakes on the way home last night!

I know, just what you wanna hear right?