Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Valdez Flood Pictures

Richardson Hwy Glacier Stream bridge, five miles from Valdez Harbor.

Richardson Hwy in Keystone Canyon.

Richardson Hwy between mp 4-10 on the Lowe (pronounced low) River.

On KVAK radio today they announced that 10 mile residents could return to their homes as the water is residing.

The Richardson Hwy from MilePost 12 to MilePost 79 is still closed.

Everythings fine in the FishTaxi household. Plenty of supplies and only lost electricity for a few minutes yesterday so far. Staying dry except for the few normal roof leaks.

I have not ventured into town but I hear the stores are being bought out. The state added an extra ferry, the M/V Aurora, just to service between Valdez and Whittier.

Pretty exciting around here, I tell yah.


Newman said...

Citizen Journalism!

Thanks for all the photos and updates. Fish Taxi is awesome.

I posted some things on the Forum.

There is a link to some cool Flickr photos, as well.

cheers .. and stay dry!

nord said...