Monday, October 02, 2006

Yukon Gold

Potatoes that is. Mr. FishTaxi harvested the potatoes he grew this summer. They are so cute!

Today is his birthday. I went to buy him a new phone at RadioShack and the gal said bring your old phone in. All you need is a new battery. Sure enough, instead of a $60+ phone, I got a $13 battery. So then I was stuck at getting him something else for his birthday. hmmm I went to Three bears to do some grocery shopping. There I found a SteelBEAM Fluorescent Lantern and a nice bamboo cutting board set.

Tonight I am making him Sweet Baby Ray's bbqued pork spare ribs, coleslaw (with cabbage he grew) and sweet potato frys. The Packers are playing Monday Night Football and a win would top off the day! Go PACK!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Fish Taxi!!!

Suze said...

I hear you have to seal bamboo cutting boards with mineral oil after each use. Is that the same with yours?

FishTaxi said...

as long as you don't use any animal fat oil, any oil will do.

the smaller one of the set had tape goo on it and I got it off with vinegar.