Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Salmon Plane

Salmon Plane

Alaska Airlines Lands World's Largest King Salmon.

This is one really big salmon", said Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski speaking at the unveiling ceremony Sunday of Alaska Airlines' newest aircraft, the "Salmon Thirty Salmon," a Boeing 737 painted in the likeness of an Alaska Wild Salmon.

The "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon," sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, is among the world's most intricately painted commercial airplanes. Complete with shiny scales, a dorsal fin and gills, the livery on the Alaska Airlines 737-400 passenger aircraft is the result of a dedicated team of 30 painters working nearly nonstop for 24 days.

I found this at Boing Boing, where it was noted:

This painting cost half-a-mil and was paid for out of tax dollars.


K said...

I think it was last night I saw that on the news, they were mainly talking about the cost. I missed the part about it coming out of our taxes. No wonder people were so upset.

Heidi said...

I also did not relize that it was our taxes paying for it. What a waste!!

Niki said...

30 painters paid $30.00 per hour = $900.per hr.

working 24 hrs a day non-stop= $21,600 per day

working 24 days= $518,400.

Where did the get the money for all the speed/crank/coke these painters needed to work at that pace?

Was this a no-bid contract?