Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Permafrost Alaska Vodka

Permafrost, The Alaskan Vodka

Alaska's first distillery is set to soon release their first vodka, Permafrost. Toby Foster, a former commercial pilot and CEO of the Glacier Creek Distillery is hoping that the Alaska's recent media attention because of Gov. Sarah Palin will help drum up attention for the vodka. Permafrost is made from Alaskan potatoes grown in the Matanuska Valley and Alaskan glacier water. The vodka will be priced at about $50 a bottle to wholesale distributors. Martini Groove reports that the distillery's 750-milliliter bottles are imported from Italy and made of a heavy glass. Because they cost a hefty $6 a bottle, the company is considering offering a return deposit. Glacier Creek Distillery is also green, the ethanol from the distilling process will fuel generators that run the plant and the potato leavings from the vodka processing will be composted.

Alaska’s first and only distillery, Glacier Creek Distillery is proud to announce “Permafrost Alaskan Vodka”.

When the world's most pristine ice drips drop by drop into Glacier Creek and rushes toward the world's most fertile land of glacier dust and virgin soil, planted with hearty potatoes kissed by the midnight sun, one can't help but want to capture the essence of the two in a premier vodka unlike any seen before. That is exactly what has been accomplished by a small local Alaskan team of vodka “artisans” at Glacier Creek Distillery in Palmer, Alaska.

To say that Permafrost Vodka is natural is to understate the purity of the glacier water and heritage seed potates, ingredients to be found in this Arctic concoction. One must also appreciate the small meticulously engineered distillery as it produces superior spirits one pure drop at a time under the watchful eye of CEO and distiller Toby Foster. As Toby Foster mentions that, “You can only ensure quality by taking extra steps during the purity control process.” That's just what has been achieved with Permafrost's trademarked distillery process that includes triple distilling and five times charcoal filtering. This adds up to 508 hours of tedious work from washing the first potato to popping the cork in a finished bottle of hand-crafted Permafrost Vodka.

Chiseled from this breathtaking winter land, a smooth, warm elixir of the finest quality has been crafted. One that connoisseurs of the most discriminating palates shall embrace. However, we have it on good authority from our buddies that it goes down “just all right” after a good hard day of slaying fish or high marking a few mountain sides. So finish picking crabs, shucking clams, driving those ice roads, or flying the bush skies, and stop to enjoy a sip of Permafrost Vodka, your distinctly Alaskan Spirit!

Glacier Creek Distillery

At $50 a pop it better be good. Should I open it?


Anonymous said...

Go ahead, open it.

Anonymous said...

So when and where can we purchase it? I think a martini made with "Permafrost" and 10,000 year old glacier ice in Prince William Sound might be tasty!

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Costco on Dimond. The price there is $39.99! I'm gonna try it!

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Costco on DeBarr. I bought it and drank of it and can say it is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Brown Jug has it for $39.99 too!

Anonymous said...

So I went to Costco. The owners were there with a little table set up. They were giving out Permafrost shot glasses and some funny little stress balls that looked like olives! Couldn't help myself and bought a bottle, thinking I'd help a local business.

Oh My God! That stuff is wonderful. So smooth, with almost no aftertaste. Not a bit of harshness. It's my new favorite!

Anonymous said...

Alas, I can not get this in Rhode Island. Hope that I can soon.

Anonymous said...

So, did you ever try it? Three Bears is now selling it for about $35!

amy said...