Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pizza Alaska Style

Got my winter tires switched over to summer tennis shoes today at OK Used Tires on Bogard. Good job guys! Only $40 bucks and they told me I will be needing front break pads before next winter. Thanks for the heads up.

Right next door is Pizza Alaska Style which I will be checking out once I get over this big bad allergy/spring cold I'm currently suffering with. Who wants to eat pizza when they can't taste it? The place did smell great when I went in and got a menu.

Pizza Alaska Style is Alaska Style Meat ~ Reindeer Sausage-Caribou & Buffalo.

Valley Trash Pizza is Pepperoni-Sausage-Mushroom-Onion-Black Olive-Sweet Pepper.

I think I will go for the Valley Trash Pizza, please, minus the Sweet Pepper. Replace them with Jalapenos.

Feed a cold, starve a fever.

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Anonymous said...

That garbage pizza sounds great, gotta be better than one we had in Talkeetna.We left that for the homeless, they threw it bach.