Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loose Moose

Moose hunting opened on the Kenai Penninsula August 20th. Seems early to me since I'm used to Unit 13 where it doesn't open til the 1st of September. Where did the summer go.

Went into the Moose is Loose and never did find out what a Hunters Loaf was. My mission was to buy 3 Red Salmon Cookies to put on the table for centerpieces. Found out at 11am that I was making a King Crab dinner for the lodge at 6pm. No time to make fish cookies. Thank goodness for local bakeries.

Dinner was a success! I gathered all the scissors and let everybody crack their own King Crab. I wasn't cutting them in half like they do at Louie's Deadliest Catch.

1 comment:

Melodie said...

Hmm ...How does this work?If you eat it do bears and moose attack you because you smell good to them?Better keep your gun close!!!!