Friday, September 18, 2009

Sketti Faces

Only the kid in us knows how to eat Grandmama's woodstove baked meatballs and sketti.

Bunch of sketti faces at my sister Niki's in Kenny Lake tonight.


Ken said...

As always, great pics.We now have memories of Freddy eating sketti. Does he still have the hots for Laci? Laci told me she likes Zach, but he smokes a binky.

Melodie said... cute!Great pictures to show when they are teenagers!

Anonymous said...

I still look like that after eating my sketti!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Once again good pictures Kath! Brought back lots of memories of all you kids eating my sketti! Don't have pictures but the memory still works.
Thanks for the info. I will try to download it and maybe...I can put my new pictures on it so all of you can see what your old mom looks like just before her 75th birthday.


the tent lady said...

awesome sister, thanks. and yeah mom. for some reason every time Kath comes I become posessed with the need for basketti and meat balls. It was the favorite at Sacs too... should have just built a sketti factory like Chucky cheese, eh? then we'd have an all you can eat night for Dave and Jimmy. I've consulted a matchmaker and Freddie's been promised to the young lady in the photo, her name is Monica and she's 1.