Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kiss in the Parking Lot & Icy Lips

Been having a little car trouble lately. Has something to do with the battery connections. Pulled up into Fred's parking lot and went in and got beer and trash bags. Came out and snapped this pic of two vehicles kissing in the parking lot. Then my van didn't start. I opened the hood and banged on the battery cables. No juice.
Called a friend and he said he was in Palmer and could be there in 30 minutes. I was boxed in anyway and waited for whoever was next to me to move so theres was room for a jump. When they pulled out next to me I filled the space with shopping carts to block any incoming vehicles without jumper cables.
Then some kids pulled up and moved the shopping carts. I asked them not to park there because a friend was coming to give me a jump. Being Alaskan, they had jumper cables. And gave me a jump.
I will be going to Napa tomorrow and getting new battery cables and maybe a new battery. Can't be dead in the water in the winter anywhere.

Ice on the lips of Wasilla Lake.

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Bill of Wasilla said...

Here's a suggestion: since you and I both live in and blog about Wasilla, how about we give each other links?

In fact, I am going to give you a link right now.