Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sunset Won Over

Thank-you readers for bearing with me so far this winter. Looking forward to Winter Solstice when the daylight starts getting longer. This was the sunset today. The bottom picture was taken (before the top picture) around 3:30 pm ADST looking towards Anchorage from the parking lot of Lowes. The top picture was taken at 4:20pm from the Mat-Su Lodge parking lot overlooking Wasilla Lake. Kept pulling over and taking pictures. The sunset was strikingly beautiful and kept changing every minute. I'm learning my way around The MatSu Valley. Google maps is my friend. Thinking about becoming a real estate agent.


Ken said...

Kathy, great pics as usual. The Time Out Bar in your earlier post looks familiar.

Melodie said...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Kath! You'd make a great real estate lady. Do it!!

the tent lady said...

5 more days and we're gaining again! I always feel like this is the real halfway point, in 4 months it will be spring!!!!!

You sure have a nice camera, love the way you're able to get shots of the darkness and the light. I want you to help me make videos of the new gertees... make me look as good as you make Wasilla look, in the dark, of course.

You'd be a fun realtor Kath, really, you have everything it takes to do that job, and if the market holds you could become very comfortable and own a home or 2 too. There is no real estate agent in our 26 millon acre region.... :)