Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Streaking Moose

This was another close encounter with a moose I had this afternoon. I wish I could have captured a better picture. Everything happened within seconds and since I was cruising down Lucille Street, where the speed limit is 35, I was able to stop no problem. When I stopped, the moose stopped and looked right at me. I fumbled for my camera that is usually handy. Today it was tucked in my work bag. By the time I got it cocked and ready traffic was coming both ways and the moose streaked into the woods.

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Anonymous said...

The moose are worse than drunk drivers! You have to be careful. Judy and Charlie had a near collision a few days ago. Charlie clipped the baby but stayed on the road. Scary! have a new job? Driving a taxi? Sounds pretty neat to me!

I finally got my piano back. Cost me over $300!! But it's working just fine now. Judy tells me that you have been researching what program I need to attach my piano to my computer to record my music. I'm ready! Actually I'm not quite ready as I now need lots of practice since it's been so long since I played. Fingers are a little stiff but typing has helped.
Hope you enjoy your new job and make lots of money! Will you still be going back to the lodge for the summer?
Dave and I are planning on coming to Alaska this summer if I can walk. I seem to be having trouble getting all the paperwork for my surgery.
Lots love...hugs