Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Studying Hard

For a drug test for my new job. When I was in the USAF and on duty 24 hours, defending my country, I peed freely for "golden flow". At the time (1974) they couldn't detect marijuana. My dad, who was still alive and in the Army at the time, said "now kath, you're going to have to quit smoking pot." I answered "no dad, pot isn't a drug". Secretly praying no scientist ever comes up with a way to incriminate myself with bodily fluids. 35 years pass and now I will have to cheat to pass.

Wish me luck.


Nordica said...

think of me when you pee.
love you kath.

kkryno said...

Why don't they just legalize it and tax it, for cripes sake??!!!