Friday, December 31, 2010

By 2010

Dawn broke for me this year
Secrets to life's riddles answered
Harmony achieved and savored daily
An appreciation of my reality gained
With unmasked truths accepted at face value
Gratitude given for the stormy as well as the calm

Like a wave washing over me
I felt the changes inside emerge
I felt youth fade and maturity appear
I traded seeking something for finding everything
All the treasures known yet unseen
Already possessed but not purchased

I know the light of wisdom
Wisdom only gained through the years
The trick of letting go and holding on
The balance between sharing and taking
The power in wanting to give more
The payment received in expecting nothing

These are the things I realized in 2010
The gifts age has bestowed me
Gifts not meant for those still seeking their rainbow
Destined for those who learn they must create their own
I am now on top of the world
Having conquered my mountain
Enjoying the view towards my future
I could not see before.

By Cindy Butherus
August 30th, 2010


Anonymous said...

Here's to a new year like no other! Love Jimmy

Ken said...

5 weeks..................