Saturday, November 12, 2011


Musher's lingo for giddy-up and go is "Hike!" Not "Mush!" like I always thought. Snapped this picture out my rolled down window driving down KGB. One shot and I got it. All this snow makes for happy sled dogs. Not so happy people. One guy at the bar last night rolled his truck. Got a ride with somebody else and they rolled. He was back at the bar today alive to tell about it. His truck was still in the ditch when I drove by. Maybe he should take up mushing. Or hiking.

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kkryno said...

There's a place up by Chugiak that's called Beach Lake. Near there is an area where area sled teams are staged and readied for practice on the sled trails near by. I love watching the dogs! They love it and the excitment in the air crackles. It must be time to go have a look again! :-)