Friday, January 13, 2012

Valdez Snow Removers

Big loaders blow the snow out of the way.

Old street signs are made into cutters to cut the snow into blocks.

The saws laying against the snowbank on the left are nifty snow cutters, too. The scoops pick up the blocks of snow.

We push the scoops full of snow to a snow shoot. This is to miss having to move the snow twice off an already shoveled roof. The snow slides easy on the plastic as long as the loaders can keep up with removal.

I'm working 2nd shift and it looks like it could last a couple more weeks! About a hundred city buildings need to have the snow removed.


DeeDee said...

Amazing !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy! Good for you always finding something to keep yourself afloat. A true FishTaxi.


Anonymous said...

We don't have enough snow to open Bogus Basin for sking or boarding. Never in it's history has it been this late, not only does it suck for winter fun, but the farmers are very nervous! Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Snowed in in Seattle! I can't even catch a bus out of Wedgwood. Going to spend the day listening to Radio Paradise. Thanks FishTaxi!
Love, Sue