Saturday, July 28, 2012

Copper River Reds in the Can

 All the stars lined up this past week & I was able to home can Copper River Reds!  I left the Kenai for good 10 days ago so when a friend came up with the best salmon in the world I had the time, equipment & know how to do a home pack.  But, it turned out my old electric can sealer did not work properly, so I went to my neighborhood Walmart & purchased a "hand cranker" can sealer for $200.  It works like a charm after I read the directions over & over.  Now I am confidant I won't kill anybody.
 My new Warthog Blade Sharpener made easy work of cutting up the sockeye.  The tough skin of the salmon dulls the knife after a few fillets.  Three swipes through the Warthog and I'm good to go.  No more struggling with dull knives!!!
First pack was a Freshpack with Jalapeno.

Second pack was a Freshpack with Ginger.
                               Copper River Reds are the perfect size for 1/2 lb flat salmon cans. 
 I turned my front entry way into a cannery.  Hooked up the stove to a bottle of propane & I was in business.
Jalapeno Freshpack Signed & Sealed

After the cans are sealed & cooled the next step is to make hand printed labels.  I code the can lids before I seal them with what kind of pack they are.  I know what they are but nobody else does until I stick the label on. 

Doesn't matter that this past week was the hottest days of the summer.  I got Copper River Reds in the can!


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Anonymous said...

That looks great. I would love to try some. Last winter a lady from work gave me some jars of canned rainbow trout. (a neighbour had brought them over for Christmas and the lady from work didn't have the heart to tell her she hates fish, so she gave them to me)...:-) Countrydave

Anonymous said...


My mouth is watering! Those Copper River Reds are beautiful.


Niki Raapana said...

ooooh I can't wait, my mouth is watering. Been years since we had your salmon Kath. What a tasty treat!!!!

Brenda Anderson said...

Looks great Kathy! Nice job! Next time we'll fish the Copper River for Reds!
p.s. Who's taking care of the lodge?

kkryno said...

Yum Kathy!

Nothing better than Copper River Reds and knowing just how they were prepared. Such a labour of love!


Anonymous said...

Kathy! These reds look great! I'm so glad you were able to do them! Things are starting to slow down a little at the lodge. Cassie left about two weeks ago and my family was up last week. Wish you could have met them. We saw four bears up by the Canyon! Anyways, miss you and hope you are doing well!
~Jordan :)