Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Fish Story

Woke up this morning at my usual 3:30 am and made breakfast and lunch for everyone going out King fishing. Had a couple of checkouts I was working on when Jimmie called and said there would be an empty seat on Adams' boat at 9:30 if I wanted to fill it. About 8 I started getting sleepy because I've gotten into the habit of taking naps in the morning after I'm done cleaning the lodge. I thought I would lay down for an hour and woke up at 10:30. I called Adam and he said he was right out front of Riverbend and to call when I got there and he'd come ashore and pick me up. So, I took my time getting ready. Took a shower and made me a lunch.

I finally arrived at Riverbend about 12:30pm. Shortly after I boarded the boat it started raining pretty good after drizzling all day. Nothing that rain gear can't handle and being from Valdez I'm used to fishing in the rain.

After an hour or so of fishing with not even a bite for the four of us anglers I pulled out a small snack bag of Swedish Fish I make up for the fishermen's lunches. I offered some to my fishing mates who politely declined. I popped one in my mouth and one in the river to the fish gods. Next thing you know my pole is bending and I've hooked an infamous Kenai King. The work had just begun. I stand up and start reeling while listening intently to what the guide is telling me to do. Keep your pole up! Let the fish go when he's taking line! Don't give him any slack! Twice I got him to the boat and as soon as he saw the net coming at him he took off again. The third time Adam was able to scoop him up. At that point he spit out the hook but luckily he was caught.

We took pics, put him in the box, punched my king stamp and everybody (but me) went back to fishing. Your only allowed one king per day/2 per year sportfishing on the Kenai. My fishing mates then asked me for some Swedish Fish. One for their mouth and one for the river. Too bad it didn't work for them like it did for me.

Now I can say I've sport caught all 3 Alaskan King Species. The Copper King, the White King and the Red King. After almost 30 years in Alaska!

My Red Kenai King weighed 40 pounds and was 45 inches long. Gutted and headed he (it was a male) dressed out at 30 pounds of meat. I gave the head to a native friend for her to make Fish Head soup. I dropped my fish off at Ed's Kasilof Seafoods ( for processing.

All I had to do was show up and fish.

Thanks Jimmie Jack and Adam! Your the best of the best!!


DeeDee said...'s a beauty!!!!

Anonymous said...

Right On Kath!!!Dad was a true believer in the Salmon Gods.


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous and quite happy in that picture. I love that smile.

Ken said...

We will see if my name shows up now, Kathy did you get the big ass fish bach from the processor yet?