Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fish Shack

This is a small tourist information place thats closed down for the winter. It sits in the Chevron parking lot on the corner of the Parks Hwy and Webb Street. Chevron is where all the taxi cabs pump their gas. Today's gas price is $3.50 a gallon. We lease the cab for $70.00 a day and always leave a clean cab (inside and out) for the next 12 hr shift. We drive Crown Vics with studs all around in the winter. They handle great and are fun to drive. After driving them all day I get in my Toyota van and feel like I'm driving a bus.


Anonymous said...

Wow $3.50? How many times do you have to fill up your tank?

FishTaxi said...

SO far I've never had to fill my tank more than once at the end of my shift.