Monday, February 14, 2011

I can see for miles

Long day for the FishTaxi today. Went in an hour early for a pickup in Wasilla to the Anchorage airport at 5:30am. Thats a flat rate of $65. Nice to start the day almost paying the lease. After we get to the airport the ride asked for a military discount so I knew there would be no tip. Oh well, I was off and running. Almost burned through a tank of gas and covered ground from Settlers Bay (pictured above) to the Butte out past Palmer. Wanted to get off early so I could go swimming in the Wasilla pool but that didn't happen. Not when money was being made. Don't want to miss out on that. But I don't want be a fat cab driver either sitting on my ass all day and eating ice cream every night. I want to swim so I can eat ice cream.

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