Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moose Breakfast

Early this morning I went back to the yard to trade cars because the one I was driving the rear view mirror fell off. I must be getting stronger from splitting and hauling wood in. All I did was adjust it. Some windshield glass came off with it. On my way I spotted this fat calf eating breakfast. I knew the momma had to be close by. And there she was on the other side of the road.

She sure looked lean and skinny. While her calf looked fat and happy.
All the cars were gone from the yard so I drove the rest of day with no rear view mirror. Just used my side mirrors and the eyes in the back of my head.


Anonymous said...

I love moose ! Every memory I have of trips to Alaska was punctuated with images of moose and bears.

Thanks Fish Taxi for keeping up your blog through all these years of up and downs. In the end it is all about the moose and the bears !!

Patti in the lower forty eight........

FishTaxi said...

And we must not forget the eagles!

Your welcome Patti and thanks for sticking around all these years through thick and thin. I am happy to share Alaska.