Saturday, March 05, 2011

New York Drivin'

As I was leaving the Wasilla HS pool tonight a fireworks show was going on in the distance on the lake. A lot is happening in the valley Sunday. Saw many Iditarod mushers transporting their dogs on the Parks Hwy today. The official restart, after the cerimonial start in Anchorage Saturday, is in Willow Sunday. Last year 17,000 people showed up and most will drive right through Wasilla to get there. Sunday is going to be a lot of fun being a cabbie. I'm going to have to do some New York drivin'.


Anonymous said...

hey, this is gavin. cool blog n' such. congrats on the new place, hope to see you sometime soon.

FishTaxi said...

Cool beans Gavin! Just let me know when. Thanks for stopping by!