Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feigning Flowers

They look real from a distance, don't they? I needed dirt to plant the tomatoes in and since I live in farm country I didn't think I would have to buy dirt from Walmart. I looked under farming/gardening on Craigslist and found Organic Dirt for a dollar a 5 gallon bucket. And right up the road! I got the directions over the phone from a funny old man and couldn't wait to meet him.

He and his wife lived on five acres with a "For Sale/Owner Financed" sign at the end of their long drive way. The wife came out and showed us where the pile of dirt was. My friend walked down to the gate with her while I drove my van. My friend told me while we were filling the buckets that the place had sold. The buyers had told them to quit remodeling the place as they had their own plans for it. She had also told her that if we wanted some rhubarb to help ourself. When we went to cut some rhubarb the old man came out. I asked him about the fake flowers and he told me this story:

For years they spent a thousand dollars every year to flower up the place. His wifes father had lived with them until his late 90s. One year he was complaining to him about the money, the work, the weather to her dad and he said "Why don't you just buy fake flowers". So he did. Now it only costs him $200 a year for instant gratification and a lot less work and worry.

The dirt pile was 7-year old horse manure. The tomatoe plants are thriving in it! Now that I found a good close dirt supplier I'm thinking of expanding and also growing cucumbers & peppers in the hot house with the tomatoes.

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I think their on to something!!! Jimmy