Monday, June 13, 2011

Letting off some Steam

The clouds cleared this morning for a bit and showed a clear view of Mt. Redoubt. Looks like she was spewing some steam, too. The lodge has been busy and I'm getting in the swing of things again. I am happy to have help this year and Jimmie is very organized. The clients are catching fish and having a real good time. Lots of fathers and sons, of all ages, having the time of their lives catching fish, bringing it back to the lodge and grilling it. I make them breakfast and send them off with a lunch but they are on their own for dinner. Which is nice for me as well as for them and the local restaurants. I have not had a chance to go fishing yet but I'm sure I'll be able to wet a line soon!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite view is from a picnic table overlooking Cook Inlet with Mt. Iliamna and Redoubt, across the Bay. Just beautiful!

Glad you are able to spend another summer on the Kenai Kathy.