Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bulgur Moose Stew

Made this delicious soup tonight with some leftover moose back strap.  I used Bulgur wheat which I have to say its nutty flavor complimented the moose meat well.  It only took an hour from start to finish to make.  Biscuits would have been great with this but I had mine with saltine crackers & butter.

Start by adding 1c of Bulgur wheat to a quart of water in dutch oven size pot.  Put on high heat to bring to boil.  While waiting for that start adding carrots, mushrooms, sliced raw bacon and sliced onions sauteed if you wish.  One package of Lipton onion soup.  Bring all this to a medium boil.  This is where I added the cooked moose meat, too.  You could use beef.  The liquid cooked down some so I added more water (2 cups) & a couple beef boulion cubes.  After about 45 minutes I tasted for doneness & flavor and decided to add a can of tomato sauce.  Diced tomatos would have been good, too.  Cooked the remaining 15 minutes & served hot.  The Bulgur wheat made a hearty stew with something different than potatos.  I will be making variations of this again.

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