Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishtaxi at Work

Loving the Kenai Penninsula and the lodge I'm working for. Yesterday I took two guests down to Clam Gulch to clam dig. I guess you can call me a Clam Guide who got skunked. Got there too late and the tide waits for no one. They enjoyed it anyway and I got a $25 tip. After Clam Hunting I made them grilled ham & cheese and tomato soup for lunch. I said "lets pretend it's Clam Chowder."


DeeDee said...

Does the tide come in fast there? I know the tides are huge so it must be fun to watch and kinda dangerous if you get yerself stuck ?
Looks and sounds like you are on vacation...a very nice job !!

FishTaxi said...

Cook Inlet has a tide like draining a bathtub. Fast and strong going out and in. Knik area between Anchorage and Wasilla on the tide flats is where you must be very careful not to get stuck. There are warning signs every where.

This job is like a working vacation!

the tent lady said...

I love this picture of you!