Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Making Bank

Got a job down on the Kenai for the summer working at a fishing lodge as a cook/housekeeper. I'll make a hearty breakfast and put out the makings for a fishermans lunch. Which is cool cos they can put mustard on their own sandwich if they want to. Then I will clean, shop and swim. Another cool thing is I don't have to make them dinner. They go out to eat at local restaurants as this lodge isn't remote. My cell phone and wireless internet will still work.
The job starts the 18th and goes til Labor Day Weekend. I got 2 more swim pass days at the Wasilla pool. I'm leaving here Friday and driving down to Soldotna and staying with a friend til I start work which includes room and board. Which is great timing. Just cashed my last unemployment check and my rent here is up.
Heres to a great summer of fishing and making bank!


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Sounds Great Kath!!!