Thursday, May 28, 2009

Instant Gratification Flowers & Fish

My next project at the lodge is planting some color in the shrub beds. Bought them at the Kenai River Greenhouse today. It will take a couple of days to harden them off. That will give me time to weed and cover the beds with plastic to keep the weeds down. Who wants to weed in July when its time to go fishing? I know I don't.

The lodge sits on the bluff overlooking Cook Inlet. When the salmon start running there will be setnetters camped out on the beach. You need a permit to do this and can buy one for around 15K. A setnetter rocks down one end of a gill net on the beach. Then pulls the net out by boat or by hand and anchors down the other end. The salmon heading to the Kenai River, a mile or so away, get gilled. It will be an interesting fisherie to see. I'll have a great view.

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Cool shack.