Tuesday, July 26, 2011

King Killer Eggs

For lunches once a week I color hard-boiled eggs and write JimmieJackFishing.com on them. These are for folks from the lodge that are going King fishing on the Kenai or Kasilof rivers only. I don't send them in the lunch with folks going halibut fishing or the fly-in sockeye/bear viewing trips for various reasons.

I wrap them in a napkin and add salt & pepper to the snack bag.

For added fun and luck I also pack Swedish Fish and Werther's Original and Caramel Coffee hard candies. When I caught my King I kissed a Swedish Fish and threw the fat-free candy in the Kenai River saying "to the Fish Gods!" Luck was on my side of the boat when a King hit my pole shortly after.

Try it!

1 comment:

kkryno said...

Here's to Werther's Candy luck, and kissing a sweede fin!

The eggs are colorful and fun!