Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halibut Chowder and more...

Time has been going by fast getting ready for winter.  No snow in the valley yet but today it was raining & blowing hard.  When it partly cleared this rainbow showed up on Wasilla Lake.
Made Halibut Chowder which is basically Potato Soup with fresh (frozen) halibut chunks added right before the cream and roux.  Next I am going to make Spicy Salmon Chowder which is like a Manhatten style with Jamaican Jerk spices.  Sounded good to me and its the time of year for soups, chowders & fresh bread.  The picture is of the Halibut Chowder warming up on my sister's woodstove.

The Global Reporter goes Kenai King fishing with Jimmie Jack Fishing!  Watch & enjoy great camera work & reporting from Brazilian TV.  Next week I will be featured halibut fishing with them.  Stay tuned!

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Nordica said...

No one does fish soup like you auntie! I love the new banner... you make Wasilla look good :)