Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dabbling In Watercolors

Unbelievable Waterfall

Oregon Coast
I've been working graveyard shift the last couple of months.  When I come home in the morning I watch the painting shows on Create TV until I fall asleep.  Decided to get the supplies together and give it a try.  What fun!  Some of the techniques I saw on tv sunk in and surprised me on my 3rd & 4th attempt.  My first two are decorating my office/studio walls along with the two pictured here I signed, named & shared with you.

Now that I actually tried painting with watercolors I am eager to learn & practice more.  Will still keep my night job though. 


Anonymous said...

Keep Painting!
Love, Sue

karle henderson said...

Wow, these paintings are truly stunning. I really love the way the colors work so well together yet they each stand out on their own. Keep painting you have a gift!