Friday, June 01, 2007

Chive Talk

My wild chives are ready to dehydrate. Once they go to seed they can be bitter. That pretty purple flower is the first sign.

I covered the trays with wax paper and poked holes with a fork.
It takes about an hour and the house smells wonderful. Dehydrating chives is the way to go. They retain their shape, aroma and color nicely. After dehydrating I put them in ziplock freezer bags in the pantry.
In the meantime its fresh chive city. Sourcream and chives on baked potaotes. Chives in scrambled eggs. Chives in the salmon pies I'm making tomorrow. All the while dehydrating chives all weekend.


Steve said...

MMMMMM, great chive pictures. Our chives are up in Anchorage, but no flowers yet. Did find ten morels in the backyard today.

FishTaxi said...

thanks steve. Never seen morels around here but have up over the pass. Once you see one you see more.