Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On a Clear Day

Wasilla Lake today makes a good new logo photo. Fate has it's way once again and I'm now living in the semi-big city of Wasilla.

The boy is looking to net small fish that hang around the edge of the Lake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kath! Looks like you moved. Hope you're all settled in. The pictures of the lake are beautiful. When will it freeze? I just changed my browser to 'firefox'. So far it seems to be moving pretty fast. I'm so tired of having problems staying on-line and spending hours talking to AT&T people. Maybe this change will help. Gosh I hope so!!!!

My heart is fine!!! But...my legs have rejected the stints and now I have to have bypass surgery on both legs. I'm waiting to hear when I see the surgeon. I'll just spend one nite in the hospital if all goes well. I can't walk very far right now. And my feet aren't getting much blood. I hope to get this done and over with soon. I don't want them to cut off my legs! Other than that I'm fine. Think about you and wonder how you are doing. Lots of Love...mom

the tent lady said...

Kath that logo photo is superb! Stay well ma!