Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patrick Dean & Janssen Barnes

Scammed me good. The studio apartment I rented from them turned out to be the apartment they were renting and were behind on their rent. Patrick Dean took my first months rent and deposit, gave me the key and skipped out. Janssen Barnes stood by meekly while her con artist boyfriend took on the persona of the actual owner. Who was out of town helping a friend put on a roof. I realized I'd been scammed a couple hours after I'd cleaned the place and was moving in when my first visitor arrived. Another gal ready to move in. Turns out Patrick Dean and Janssen Barnes scammed 2 other people besides me and the owner.
Just putting this out there so nobody else gets scammed by these two scumbags.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

oh no! those f**kers!! i'm so sorry!!! hope you find another situation soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kath...what a bummer! Never thought that would happen to anyone. Creeps are out there I guess. What would really piss me off besides the money is the fact that you cleaned the place for the scumbags!! I hope you can find a nice honest landlord/lady and settle in for the winter.

As always I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

If you are still looking for them you can find them in Modesto, California. His dad and stepmom is James and Melanie Dean. His mom is still in Wasilla, Holly Regallo.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are speaking about a very good friend of mine, whom I've known all my life. Janssen Barnes was under the control of a narcissist and is no longer involved with Patrick Dean. You can find him in prison in Alaska. I ask that you remove her name from anything associated with him and I'm sorry you were one of his victims but so was she. She had no choice but to stand by meekly, there was a reason for that.