Monday, April 02, 2012

Glacier Blue

This is the Matanuska Glacier that you can see from the Glenn Hwy.  Took this pic a few weeks back when I went to the valley.  Blue is the only color of the rainbow glaciers don't reflect.  The cloudier the day the bluer the glacier. 

Halfway through the ski season at Tsaina Lodge.  I'm hanging in there although people are coming and going.  Lodge work is not all fun & the hours are long.  Hence the fact that I am not blogging much.  I am on the night schedule going to bed at the time I get up in the summer.  Today I am going in an hour early to help count the cash tips.  Worth it to me.  Thats what we are here for is to make money!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful photo Kathy!

There is a lot of grist for your creative mill there at Tsaina Lodge and lots of ideas for Jimmie Jacks.

Hang in there ... the Kenai Peninsula awaits.


Anonymous said...

Nice Shot!


northierthanthou said...

Beautiful pic.

Anonymous said...

I believe you've got that backward- the color objects reflect is the color we see them as. Blue must be reflected by glaciers. If blue was absorbed, we wouldn't see glaciers as blue. There's also scattering of the reflection in the ice, sort of like in the sky.