Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Summer Tennis Shoes

Love this time of year when the studs come off & the summer tires go on for a smoothe quiet ride.  Last fall, when I had my winter tires put on, the guys at All-Around Tire threw my bald summer tires away.  Today they gave me a good deal on  4 used (new to me) Michelen tires for $200 AND switched them out ($50) as part of the deal.  Also, if anything goes wrong I can go back & they will fix it for free.  Course, their shop is in Wasilla and I will be on the Kenai this summer fishing!  They look like good tires with lots of tread so I'm not worried. 

I'm ready to roll this summer.

1 comment:

SteveGTennis said...

Sounds like you got a good deal with the tyres there. New tennis shoes for vehicles are just as important as new tennis shoes for humans!