Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tok Thai Food

Though the name is "Tok Thai Food" this food truck is by the Hub in Glennallen.  (Tok is on the Alaska Hwy almost to the Canadian border.)  And the woman who does the cooking is from Laos, not Thailand.

Close enough.  The food is excellent & everything is 10 bucks.  Special - 10 bucks.  Egg Rolls - 10 bucks.  Spring Rolls - 10 bucks.  All good.

She was open all winter & last time I went by she was still open at 10 at night.


livingalaska said...

The Tok Thai Truck is an institution in Glenallen. We plan our trips to ANC around when they're open, and we usually have orders from other folks in VDZ. I've even written "Odes to the Tok Thai Bus." I was heartbroken this winter when they were away in Laos, but now that they're back all is right with the world again.

Tia Oshields said...

Oh, I wouldn’t mind livin’ in that RV! I mean, Thai food has always been one of my fave dishes since I was a kid. Those who run that “food mobile” business had made a nice sense. I suddenly remembered someone who has the same idea as this. She can make this an inspiration. ;)