Saturday, November 10, 2012

Monkeys Surfing

There is no story behind this watercolor except for the fact that I like monkeys.

I am churning out the watercolors. Yesterday morning on create tv I thought there was a new guy painting. He was young & reminded me of the 70's. I'm watching when he says "lets make another tree. We don't want him to be a lonely tree. Every tree needs a friend". I then realized he was Bob Ross! He didn't always have an afro.

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Anonymous said...

I totally have A THING for Bob Ross. He's one of the greats (see also: Julia Child, Fred Rogers, John Denver, Jim Henson)and since the stupid french news channel has been so crappy lately*, I've been spending A LOT more time with Create on in the background. The other day (ugh, something like 2am? Possibly Thursday?) there was an ep where Bob introduced his son, who then went on to do the rest of the episode. Maybe that was the one you saw? I know I'd never seen that particular episode before, and I thought I had seen them all by now. (I thought he was ok but just didn't have the magic his dad did. Bob had a real gift.)

Keep up with your painting! Also, please post more thrift store finds!

*The KYES website ( a paragraph called "Technical Facts" that ends with "We apologize for the inconvenience, Mother nature is unforgiving" without punctuation at the end like they're totally defeated, too tired to even bother with the period key. It makes me laugh every couple days as I check on the outage progress.