Friday, November 09, 2012

Tuka, Part One

One long ago night, deep into the winter, a lone musher could be seen making his way across the frozen tundra. Not too far from the coast Tuka didn't need to worry about any open water crossing the sea ice, he thought. He was anxious and in a hurry which wasn't like him. Usually he would mush the dogs along at a slow steady speed. Enjoying the scenery and the solitude.

Not tonight.

Goldie, his lead dog, knew the way to winter camp and was happy to be running full board towards the coast. He could smell it and needed no urging on.

Tuka knew this and could fall asleep in the sled if he wanted. Or could. His mind wouldn't let him. All he could think about was the gold. Gold that glittered everywhere a man could see. And touch with his own bare hands. Gold that promised riches to Tuka and his people.

To be cont...


Anonymous said...

“Tuka and Goldie”
written and illustrated by FishTaxi.

This winter will fly by ...


Niki Raapana said...

Great start Kath! The illustrations add so much, what a fun book!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Kathy! Keep writing and painting. Love, Sue