Friday, November 16, 2012

Taku, Part 2

Tuka had a lot of time to think on his journey to winter camp. A trip by a snow go would take a man 8 hrs. By dog sled 3 and half days. And Tuka's dog team was a laughing stock. Four mix matched mutts. Goldie, his lead dog, wasn't even close to being a husky. The fixed female lab/pit mix looked fat & too slow to be out front pulling his sled. In Tuka's mind she looked fast & sleek. She was strong, smart and demanded & received the respect being the lead dog requires. And her short brown coat glistening after a good long run lives up to her Tuka given name, Goldie.

As Tuka neared winter camp he had made his discision. He was not going to tell his people about the gold that appeared right before his eyes after an earthquake opened the earth & the water force pushed the heavy hard to get high grade gold to the surface. No, he decided he wasn't going to share his gigantic news of his gold strike.

Until spring.

Next week: Winter Camp


FishTaxi said...

Lots of run on sentences I know. But, can you see the gold?!?

Niki Raapana said...

I see it! Looks beautiful.